by | Mar 16, 2018

Whatever post-relationship phase you are in, one thing I learned is that you need to absolve yourself from guilt. Whatever the reason was that your relationship failed, you cheated, she cheated, you grew apart, you discovered that she is verifiably insane or you’re going through a midlife crisis, none of that matters now. You are SINGLE. Say it out loud. Single. A Single Dad or Single Mom and because you’re single there is no guilt  You’re single. And you are guilt free.

Baggage? Oh yeah. We have baggage.  A ton of baggage. The divorce or separation has taken its toll. It’s done a number on you whether you want to acknowledge it or not. Now here’s the kicker. The women/men you are going to meet all come with their own baggage as well. They too might be in denial about it but dollars to donuts they are carrying around a whole pride of pink elephants and whether you’re ready or not, you’re gonna end up talking about them.

In my opinion, and this runs contrary to the opinions of many dating “experts”, you should let them talk about it. You should welcome it. Get it out there. It’s cathartic and if you don’t judge or be a jerk about them venting out their hate for the Ex, that is only going to ingratiate you further into their good graces. It’s going to happen sooner or later if you are serious about a relationship so get it out of the way.